17 Gnome Boot and Shoe SVG and Cut Files


This is the digital cut file set pattern for the 17 gnome boot and shoe pattern set from Ruffles and Rain Boots. You can use these cut files on any cutting machine OR you can cut them by hand using the JPG included in the set. This PRINTABLE pattern will be delivered at the time of checkout AND in the email to you. Nothing will be mailed to you.

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This pattern is for personal use only and can be upgraded to commercial use with this license. You must add this pattern AND the commercial license to your cart. NOTE: NO LICENSE ALLOWS YOU TO RESELL THIS PATTERN OR ALTER IT AND SELL IT AS YOUR OWN OR OFFER IT IN PRIVATE GROUPS / TUTORIALS. COPYRIGHT IS ENFORCED THROUGH ATTORNEY SERVICES.

Pattern sets and cut files updated January 2021.

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This is the digital cut file pattern for the gnome boot and shoes bundle. In this set, you will receive SVGs for 17 unique and fun gnome shoes and boots that fit most sock gnomes, as well as both the Tucked Gnome pattern (no-sew gnome) and Cozy Gnome pattern from Ruffles and Rain Boots!

What patterns are included in this gnome shoe and boot pattern set:

Volume 1 (updated January 2021)

  • Low-Top Sneakers – A traditional sneaker with a contrast toe in a no-sew format.
  • High-Top Sneakers – A traditional high-top sneaker with a contrast toe and that high-rise ankle we all love–also in a no-sew format.
  • Fold-Over Boots – The most simple true boot I’ve seen, it’s basically a wrap around with a form. No-sewing required.
  • Cowboy Boots – Traditional cowboy boots, just the way a gnome would make them for him (or her) self. Also a no-sew gnome boot pattern.
  • Nordic Booties – Fur on the most simple gnome shoe form I could come up with and still have it look like a shoe, without any sewing.
  • Fluff-Top Boots – A fun variation on a simple boot with a bit of fur on top. No-sew pattern you can make in just a few minutes.
  • Furred Boots – One of my favorite gnome boot patterns by far–and one of the most simple. This no-sew gnome boot is decidedly adorable and very chic.
  • Bunny Slippers – For the gnome who just hasn’t gotten out of their jammies yet, these no-sew gnome slippers are so cute, I wish they were my size.
  • “Wooden” Clogs – A fun and kind of different way to make a gnome shoe than I’ve seen before, personally. This no-sew gnome shoe pattern is simple, but really cute!
  • Sock Booties – The only pattern that requires sewing, you could actually use hot glue to make these and then all 10 gnome boot patterns would be no-sew, but let’s not be picky. This pattern is simple, straight-forward and one of the easiest in the bunch, even though it’s sewn.

Volume 2 (Newly Published January 2021)

    • Ghost Sneakers – A tiny traditional sneaker perfect for a wee dowel leg, featuring a contrast toe in a no-sew format.
    • Pirate Boots – A tall and cuffed boot, perfect for swash-buckling or sliding down chimneys, in the case of Santa.
    • Fancy Boots – The most fancy boot of all boots. Tall, big, and a great option for tromping through snow.
    • Wine Cork Boots – Decidedly a tiny boot to wear on skis, snow shoes and more; these furred boots are easy and fast.
    • Shelf Sitter Elf Shoe – Little curled toes, with dangly bells, if desired, are perfect for an elf, jester or other gnome that needs a curled toe shoe.
    • Standing Elf Shoe – Oh, your elf gnome wants to stand up and run around?! Well, this sturdy boot version of the elf shoe is all you need to make that happen.
    • Winter Cutie Bootie – One of the funnest ways to make a no-sew gnome shoe, this is a quick and fast way to boot-up and get standing!

The only rule for this set of files is that they are sized together in proportion, so if you need to scale them up or down, do so with all of the pattern pieces together at one time.  They can be cut from any fabric the machines will cut, however, they must be sized together.

gnome shoe & boot SVG sets with text which reads 17 gnome shoe & boot cut file sets

This pattern is for personal use only and can be upgraded to commercial use with this license. You must add this pattern AND the commercial license to your cart.

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    Best view i have ever seen !


    Best view i have ever seen !

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