Pattern Commercial License Ruffles and Rain Boots

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To use eligible patterns for commercial products (making a product to sell), a seller must have a pattern commercial license.

Please read ALL terms before purchasing.

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Terms of PATTERN Commercial Use License

Please read:

NOTE: You must add a pattern to the cart, as this is a generic pattern license for all Ruffles and Rain Boots patterns. If you have already purchased a pattern, follow the order notes instructions below. To browse patterns, visit them here.

How to Activate a PATTERN Commercial Use License:

  • In the order notes, please indicate the pattern to which the license will apply if you are purchasing multiple patterns. If you missed it, email Sarah @ and I will manually add it for the attorney’s team.
  • The license is applicable when payment is processed successfully.

Keep the downloaded license. All license sales are recorded, however, the burden of proof is on the purchaser to prove a license was purchased.

Authorized Uses:

  • the use of ONE pattern in whole or part for personal and commercial projects (up to 1,000 transactions) with no yearly renewal fee.

Unauthorized Uses:

  • you may not share the designs in digital format anywhere (websites, groups, social media, etc.).
  • you may not provide the pattern in craft-along sessions (please contact me if you wish to offer this)
  • you may not upload designs to others’ websites or Facebook groups.
  • you may not share the pattern with craft groups OR when teaching classes.
  • you may not alter, reproduce, or resell ANY pattern or create a pattern from this one (derivatives prohibited).

FAQs, Terms, and Conditions

If you have questions about how you can use these patterns, please see our FAQs, terms and conditions page here.

1 review for Pattern Commercial License Ruffles and Rain Boots

  1. Shirley Phillips (verified owner)

    Hi Sarah
    I cannot tell you how much your gnomes bring me joy.
    There are “days” that are very trying for me whether it be work, the boss, covid-19, TV news, it eventually builds up and I have a rough day. Alberta Canada is in state of Emergency due to Covid
    I need to go to a “Happy Place” that reduces my stress level.
    I just started with gathering goodies up to make my gnomes, an that in itself was “fun” but knowing that I may make these guys and sell them now to friends etc and or give as gifts just makes things to much easier. Peace of mind that I
    do have a license and I may make gnomes.
    You do have some things on your web site but out Dollar Tree does not carry all the goodies…..wish I could buy it from you…. goodies as little cups, the plastic baby shoes etc.
    Michaels of Canada doesn’t carry much
    But I am going to my Happy Place now, turn on you tube, and listen to your videos.

    • Sarah Nenni-Daher

      Oh I’m so glad to hear it, Shirley – these little cuties bring me the same joy! Have fun crafting and stay safe!

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